21″ Warehouse/Office Skylight Model

The 21” Warehouse/Office Skylight Model from Oscar Industries is the perfect choice to add light to your large, commercial building! This model can be installed on standard flat roofs and offer curb mount flashing. The 21” model is also perfect for sheetrock ceilings or suspended installations. The 21” Warehouse/Office Skylight Model will illuminate up to 700 square feet of your warehouse or office space, and is most commonly used in commercial offices, warehouses, and industrial kitchens. Learn more and request a quote on your commercial skylight installation below.

The 21” Warehouse/Office Skylight Model offers a 25 year product warranty, and financing is available! To get your warehouse or office skylight project started, request a quote in the form above. For questions about financing and more, contact us by calling 330-953-1013, or send us an email at info@oscarindustries.com.